Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

To provide the most unforgettable hen party experience in Ireland through our entertainment, guest satisfaction and value for money.

Our Mission

To celebrate Irish women, our sisters, our daughters, our mums and our grannies by developing the most beautiful, thoughtful and memorable hen activities in Ireland.

About Us

Every great hen party starts with a great activity. It’s often the most memorable part of the entire weekend! We love hen parties and we’re so passionate about delivering a memorable experience for all of our special ladies!

How many times have you been on a hen for one of your closest and dearest friends only to find out that the activities for the day include the boring auld Cocktail Making or even worse, the dreaded stripper? Eeww!

At Hen we dare to be different by developing the most epic, exciting and thoughtful activities designed specifically for the modern day hen!

We have a lot of really great activities coming in 2018 so be sure to follow up on Facebook and Instagram ( to stay up to date!

Our Care-antee:

Hen is committed to setting a new standard in service and value in the Irish hen party market. The Hen Care-antee is a set of promises we vow to uphold in good times and bad. It’s a very public commitment to our guests that we will continue to deliver exceptional service and value and the only hen party planning company in Ireland that offers a guarantee on service.

    Promises in our Care-antee include:

  • We will always include the hen for free for every activity.
  • We will reply to your email/request within 24 business hours.
  • We will never charge for room hire.
  • We will deliver outstanding value and service and pay extra attention to the details.
  • We will do our best to go above and beyond to make your hen party experience as fun and stress-free as possible.