Cancellation Insurance

Available on most activities

Only €5pp*

Ladies, we understand that unforeseen circumstances arise but that doesn’t mean you should be left out of pocket if you can’t make the party.

By purchasing our cancellation policy (one for every member of the group) we’ll provide a full or partial refund if someone can’t make it.

How cool is that?

*This is an all or nothing policy meaning if you have 20 attendees for the activity, you must have 20 policies.



We will pay you or your Personal Representatives up to €1,000 but no more than the face value of your event ticket that has been paid for and that cannot be recovered from anywhere else.

We will provide this cover if you are unable to attend the event because one of the following necessary and unavoidable circumstances happens:

The death, serious injury or serious illness of you or a relative;

You are called for jury service in the Republic of Ireland or as a witness in a court in the Republic of Ireland;

You are needed by the Gardai following a burglary, or damage caused by serious fire, storm, flood, explosion, subsidence, vandalism, fallen trees, impact by aircraft or vehicle at your home;

The public transport (including scheduled flights) that you are using to get you to the event venue does not run to its timetable; or The vehicle you are travelling in has an accident or breaks down or is delayed in a traffic jam for more than 3 hours, when there is no alternative route available.



Anything caused by:

– cancellation, abandonment, postponement or relocation of the event by the artist, performer, organisers or promoters of the event;

– bankruptcy or liquidation of the artist, performer, company organising or promoting the event, their agents or any person acting for you;

– anything the company providing your transport or accommodation, their agents, any person acting for you or your conference organiser is responsible for;

– you not wanting to travel or not enjoying the event;

– you travelling in an aircraft (except as a passenger in a fully-licensed, passenger-carrying aircraft);

– the death of any pet or animal;

– the withdrawal from service of an aircraft, cross-channel train or sea vessel (temporarily or permanently), on which you are booked to travel, by the carrier or on the recommendation or order of any government, civil aviation authority, port authority, rail authority or other similar authority in any country.

Any claim arising from, or consisting of, the following:

– War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war is declared or not) civil war, civil commotion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military force, coup dΚΌetat, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction;

– Any epidemic or pandemic;

– You acting in an illegal or malicious way;

– Any loss caused as a direct or indirect result of anything you are claiming for, for example loss of transport or accommodation costs that are not part of the event package, unless it says differently in the policy.

Claims relating to:

– Financial circumstances or work commitments;

– Annual passes or season tickets;

– Something that you knew about at the time of booking this insurance;

– Event tickets purchased for business purposes;

– Event tickets not purchased from;

– Event tickets that include transport or accommodation costs;

– Delays or failure of public transport caused by strike or industrial action, which began or was announced before you left home or where you could have reasonably made other travel arrangements.

Any claim unless you:

– Get a letter from the public transport provider (if this applies) confirming that the service did not run on time;

– Get confirmation of the delay from the authority who went to the accident or breakdown (if this applies) affecting the vehicle you were travelling in;

– Have allowed time in your travel plans for delays which are expected.



You can make a claim by filling in the following form below.