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So you’re planning a hen party and you’re looking for an activity but you’re not willing to settle for the usual cocktail making class? You want something fun, something different and something engaging for everyone!

At Hen we’re here to help with seven reasons why you should book a murder mystery for your next hen party!

It’s Interactive

Our murder mystery activity is great craic because you ladies become the characters in the story! Among you, one of you will be the victim and one of you will be the murderer but neither of them will know until the night of the event! Oooh! The suspense is killing me! (See what we did there?)


No Experience Necessary

Not an actor? No problem. Our murder mystery is for everyone whether you’re a seasoned pro or just there for the craic. We would never encourage our guests to do anything they’re not comfortable with and would never do anything to embarrass them or cause stress.

It’s a great Ice Breaker

Hen parties these days are diverse with a mixture of childhood friends, adult friends, work colleagues and family all attending. Not everyone knows each other so a murder mystery is a great way to mix up the group, get people talking and having fun. By the end of the activity, over 98% of our guests all agree the group is a lot more at ease and comfortable with each other.

It’s Affordable

At Hen we negotiate with our hotels and restaurants to DEATH to keep this activity under €50pp. For €49pp it includes the murder mystery activity, 3 course meal with coffee and tea, room hire and if you’re in Galway or Dublin, we’ll throw in complimentary nightclub entry for you and your fellow ladies. Use discount code MURDER to save an extra €5pp on all murder mystery packages.

It’s Fun!

Life or death – Selfies will be taken!

If you ever watched Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote and thought, β€œI could do that!” then this activity is for you! Each guest will receive their character in advance that explains exactly what the story is and makes some recommendations for their character. The murder mystery is set in the modern day so no need worry about spending a lot of money on costumes. Just come dressed as you would for a hen party and you’ll fit in just fine!

If you have a particular theme planned, (1920’s, Disney Princesses, Minions etc) you can of course still do the murder mystery. The theme won’t affect the murder mystery and will definitely add an extra layer of fun!

This Activity is GBF (Gay Best Friend) Β FriendlyImage result for GBF

More and more men are attending hen parties these days and at Hen we believe in welcoming everyone! We’ve created extra optional characters to accommodate your fiercely fabulous male guests to ensure everyone has a good time!

We can travel (almost) ANYWHERE!

Over the last 5 years and almost 600 hen parties, we’ve travelled to every corner or the Emerald Isle and back again. We’ve visited some of the most incredible places and taken in the most breathtaking views this country has to offer so it’s no wonder why more and more ladies are opting for the quiet self-catering option.

Wherever you are, we can travel to you (some T’s & C’s) and bring the fun of our murder mystery to your next hen party!

Amazing food and drink packages available to suit any budget! To book your amazing murder mystery hen activity, please visit

Ladies, you’ve made it to the right place!

We’re so obsessed with hen parties, creating beautiful things and beautiful memories, we hope you find what you’re looking for.

Our blog will essentially be our platform from where we will work to launch others. We’ll use this space to promote our new activities, our partners, those that demonstrate exceptional service and standards towards our hens and much much more!

We’ll do our best to keep it relevant and to the point! We’ll try to keep the puns and waffle down to a minimum while still trying our best to keep you entertained.

We welcome honest feedback and encourage it so we can continue to grow. We believe that when you know better, you do better and there’s never any harm in that.

So thanks again! If there’s anything we can do to help your hen be the best it can be, if you have a great idea for a hen activity or if you just want to give us some feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Kind regards,

Hen Event Team